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Reiki. What is it?  I heard about Reiki before but wasn’t attracted to the “taste” so I didn’t bother moving forward researching it.  For me, when I hear about something new (new for me) that sounds like it will help get me to another positive, higher energy, I normally jump onto my computer and invest several hours trying to find out how I can apply it into my life.  Well, with Reiki, that wasn’t the case for me, UNTIL, my daughters’ friends mother from their gymnastics classes, told me about her Reiki experience: “I felt like I was lifting up and spinning around….”, she said, and for some reason that intrigued the heck out of me.  I then asked for her Reiki healers information so that I could have a session/experience of my own.

-Reiki (pronounced ray-key): a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore emotional and physical well-being.



I scheduled my first Reiki appointment for the upcoming Monday (so I thought) and couldn’t wait for the day to come.  I kept thinking about how the experience might make me feel like I was elevating and twirling around in the sky and just that thought had me so eager.  The day had come for my appointment, which I scheduled for 12 noon, and I was running just 1 minute behind, I mean it was 12 noon and I was literally around the corner from the destination, so I could’ve easily just drove there, parked my car, and went up to the establishment, but I didn’t want the healer to think that I wasn’t coming so I gave her a call from around the corner to let her know that I was about to park the car and would be right up.  When the healer answered the phone I commenced to let her know that I would be right there for my session.  The funny thing was, she told me that I didn’t have an appointment for that day and that I actually scheduled it for the end of the month and not the beginning, like I thought.  She was in her car on her cell phone while telling me this, literally about to drive away from her establishment, when I called.  It was no coincidence that I called her at that exact time and that she answered the phone.   It was also no coincidence that the on-line scheduler should’ve been unavailable for this day because it was a Jewish Holiday and that somehow another one of her clients was able to schedule an appointment that same day, an hour before my thought-to-be 12 noon appointment, so for her to even be at her establishment was pretty amazing.  She said it was no problem whatsoever for her to see me.  So we both got out of our cars and walked up to her office together.



My eyes are closed and I am laying on my back listening to the reiki music being played in the background.  I feel her calm presence above me and a tingly energy in my hands.  I am most relaxed yet I am completely alert and having a conversation with her (you can talk during your session).  She includes me in on her approach to manifesting her desires in life, which is an approach I am definitely adopting.  My whole body is warm. She is quiet for a minute or so and I can still feel her gentle energy hands around my forehead area.  I then ask if she turned on the lights because a light came into the right corner of my eye.  She hadn’t moved her position from treating me and that the light I am seeing is her cleaning out my third eye area.  The light lasted for several seconds then went away then came back then went away…..this pattern is throughout the entire session.  I also see a hint of purple haze along with feeling some cute little kicks from the baby and I then realize her hands are hovering over my belly.  She places her hands on my left shoulder and rests there for a few moments.  Whatever tension I was feeling before the session has dissipated.  I feel a few tears exit the corner of my eyes and I am not sure of the reason for this leaking.  Maybe it’s a release or maybe…I don’t know.  She has now made her way down to my feet and is treating the energy residing in them.  This is incredible.

The session has ended and she hands me a bottle of water.  I asked her if she felt anything in me and she said she felt that I was very balanced, which was quite settling to hear.  She said the baby felt vibrant and that it would be a good thing for me to learn Reiki so that I could treat my children.



Reiki, in my opinion, is a safe and healthy practice, designed to heal the inner world of whatever unbalances and blockage you may have along with help open up your chakra energies. Anything healthy and spiritual that can aide in elevating your consciousness and relieve stress is my thing and I will definitely be back for more Reiki healing.  The sessions are not expensive and yet the outcomes are priceless.  If you ever feel the desire to have your own Reiki experience, I highly suggest you do your research about it, first, then go with your heart as to whom you decide to give you healing.

That’s all! Thank you for reading!

Much love and blessings to you all,


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