How To: Handle a Bad Natural Hair Day

I love my hair, I do. But at times it can drive me up the freakin wall. I seriously at times want to throw my hands up and cut all my hair off and not even deal with it anymore and then my senses come to me and all that negative energy flies out of the door.

This morning was one of those “I want to cut all my hair off” days. To start off, I woke up from a not so good sleep (part of it was because of the snoring baboon lying next to me LOL), bumped my toe on the way to the bathroom, flicked the light switch to find that two out of 4 bulbs have diffused, only to notice that my hard working-night hair routine-bantu knot out was all “jacked up”. The bantu knots were flat, the twists were undone and oh yeah, my scarf had come off in the middle of the night to produce this menace to society doo. I just about had it. “Calgon TAKE ME AWAY!” I had given myself only two choices: 1-CUT THIS SHIT OFF or 2- TAKE A DEEP BREATH, PUT ON A HAT AND DEAL WITH IT LATER!

Cutting my hair off would’ve been stupid, I know, but it be’s that way sometimes hehe. So I had to take that deep intense breath of the day and just allow my hair to do what it felt like doing but it had to “do what it do” under a hat.

So, instead of being able to rock my bantu knot out twists for the day, I am wearing my go-to hat with some bangs hangin out the front, as I usually do.

If any of you has had a bad hair day or a similar experience please share. I would love to hear how you handled your experience.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day (I’ll make sure to buy some earplugs to assist with the better sleep and maybe that will help with me not being so restless ady messing my hair up in the middle of the night).

Yours Truly,


5 Thoughts on “How To: Handle a Bad Natural Hair Day

  1. Very, very good post Princess! I am now working on a “like” button for my blog–and thanks to you Precious for the idea. Luv U mucho,


  2. Thank you again Princess for helping me with my blog postings by allowing my website to appear on your website! Luv U mucho–pops/papa.

  3. I’m having one right now which is why this blog is cracking me the eff up! I decided to do a twist out last night only to wake up to some stringy mess! So like you (surprise, surprise) I am rocking my go to hat with my bangs hanging out the front. I have been doing this style a lot lately which means these ” bad hair days” happen more frequently than I anticipated. One day I will get it just right though. Anyway, I still love my hair!

    btw- I added some shea butter to the kimmaytube leave in and my hair has been moisturized for DAYS with any reapplication. hmmmm… I think I may be on to something. kisses!

  4. supercurlygurl, you’re soo cool and beautiful! When i have days like that.. i throw some gel in that badboy and rock a wash & go!

    • reigna cee on September 29, 2011 at 9:03 am said:

      Thank you soooo much. I totally feel you on the wash and go. I want so bad to rock them but my hair shrinks to the point of no return and i think they don’t look so good on me but I am going to try it and when I do I am going to post it just for you

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